Toddler Daycare at Poplars Day Nurseries

Both Poplars Day Nurseries are dedicated to making sure that your toddler has excitement and fun, enjoying their time with us. To ensure this, we have created an imaginative approach that is ideal for 2 to 3 year olds to explore, discover and master new skills. In this way learning becomes a natural part of their everyday life. At Poplars, your toddler will be in a stimulating, separate area with a small group of no more than 8, with a ratio of 1 carer to every 4 toddlers. This ensures that we create an environment that nurtures toddlers as they grow. Our staff have the time to help your toddler develop their social skills and self-esteem, ensuring he or she is happy and confident.

Toddler Nursery School at Poplars Day Nurseries

The Imaginative Approach encourages learning and development in this age range. It reflects how your toddler begins to make sense of the world around them in an amusing and exciting way. We use this approach to teach your toddler new language and communication skills. Then they can use these to extend their vocabulary and to express themselves in a positive manner with each other.

To teach your toddler new language and communication skills, we use our Imaginative Approach to encourage learning and development in an exciting way. Our Poplars Process includes:

  • Unique Imaginative Approach that helps toddlers make sense of the world around them
  • Teaching your toddler new language and communication
  • Teaching them to extend their vocabulary to express themselves in a positive manner
  • Strong parental partnership with detailed development books to allow parents to be part of their toddler’s world

Our staff will always take the time to feed back to you with honesty about your toddler’s day and their development. We will listen to your needs or concerns as parents. Your toddler’s key worker creates a development book, unique to them, in which we can record their personality and progress during their time with us. It prepares your toddler for the next phase of their development by encouraging them to understand the difference between people and objects.

For a safe and secure family friendly environment where Child Protection, in line with Ofsted requirements, is held as paramount, Poplars Day Nurseries are here to help. If you live in Sherwood, Daybrook, Basford, Woodthorpe, Mapperley and Arnold or the surrounding areas and would like to arrange a nursery visit so that you can experience our unique approach to childcare and learning for yourself, simply give us a call at Poplars Nursery School or Poplars Blossoms Nursery today. We are also in close proximity to City Hospital for the convenience of health workers.

Poplars Nursery School: 0115 971 7559

Poplars Blossoms Nursery: 0115 971 7589