Why Choose Poplars Nurseries

Here at Poplars Nursery School and Poplars Blossoms Nursery School, our staff work hard to deliver an outstanding experience for all the children and babies in our care. We do this through our unique approach to care, learning and development.

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'O' is for - Outstanding reputation for care and education

We’ve developed a unique approach to care and learning, tailored to the needs of each child and their family. Our low staff turnover helps our parents know that their child’s learning will not be interrupted, so they can feel secure in the care we provide.

'U' is for - Unique Poplars process of education

Our approach means that every child is well cared for, and has lots of fun! This allows us to ensure each child's individual development needs are met through play and are truly specific to them.

'T' is for - Thought provoking, magical, musical gardens

We take care to preserve our natural surroundings for the enjoyment and development of the children. We’ve created special areas for growing vegetables and herbs and included sensory experiences in all gardens to encourage a love of nature.

'S' is for - Small groups developing strong, trusting relationships

Our small groups allow children to better express themselves and ensure they receive a great deal of personal care and attention. This helps their language skills to flourish in a calm environment where they can think and be heard.

'T' is for - Tranquil, separate areas for young babies

We create a tranquil and relaxed home-from-home to calm your worries about leaving your baby in someone else’s care. We’ll ensure your routines are followed in a calm environment that will ease your child’s transition into nursery life.

'A' is for - A love of learning, guaranteed

Learning begins with a natural curiosity, and we work hard to promote and nurture their desire to discover new things and solve problems in a safe and enjoyable way.

'N' is for - Nurturing a child’s potential the ‘Human Scale Way’

We pride ourselves on the small learning community we build between staff, parents and children, creating strong, positive relationships that give a sense of belonging and provide a further springboard for learning.

'D' is for - Developing confidence, positive attitudes and achievements

Developing strong relationships helps us to build a mutual respect and understanding, ensuring the needs of every child in a group are considered and met. The children learn to play together harmoniously, preparing them to become part of the wider community.

'I' is for - Investing in staff development and quality

We are proud of our staff who have a strong desire to work with children, and carry out our unique Poplars approach. They are highly trained and developed to their full potential, becoming experts in a range of subjects from health and safety to early years child development.

'N' is for - Nutritious, freshly prepared meals

Our qualified chefs create seasonal, nutritious meals from the freshest ingredients, catering to any individual needs and dietary requirements. We also encourage the children to become involved in the cooking process, to nurture an interest in fresh, healthy food.

'G' is for - Guidance and training for parents

We maintain effective communication with parents to ensure any concerns or worries are resolved quickly and effectively and our staff are always happy to offer support to parents. They are on hand to provide advice on all aspects of child care, from managing behaviour positively to identifying when a child is ready to read.

We know every parent strives to give their child an outstanding start in life, and with our unique approach to care and learning, our team are here to help make that a reality. If you’d like to have a chat with our team, or find out more about our nurseries and what you can expect from us, simply get in touch with Poplars Day Nursery or Poplars Blossoms Nursery today.

Poplars Nursery School: 0115 971 7559

Poplars Blossoms Nursery: 0115 971 7589