My children have been part of Poplars Nursery School since 2012 and they have benefited enormously from the ethos of the nursery, the smaller, home-like setting, and the care and attention of the staff.

The staff know the children very well, and appreciate their personalities and where they are at in their development. They track their development in conjunction with parents with books which include plenty of photos so you can see what they have been up to. They do lots of fun activities, which are well thought through and promote their self-confidence and independence, In fact, a lot of thought goes in to their processes and activities and it’s clear that the children enjoy being in this environment.

My children have particularly enjoyed the visits from White Post farm, the annual nursery outings, the occasional outings to local sites and annual productions where they get to perform to all the parents and show them what they have been doing throughout the year. We have been delighted by the care and nurture this nursery has given all our children – thank you Poplars!

Parents of Sophie, Alice and Martha

I cannot explain how grateful I am with the care and love you have shown my little boy. We are so sad to be leaving but so proud that he has had such a fantastic start to his life and that is down to all you staff. Thank you.

Parent of Sienna, Theo and Kamali

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has looked after my little boy since he began at Poplars. It is was quite a traumatic time trying to find somewhere for him when his childminder could no longer look after him. It was a blessing in disguise as I knew the minute I walked in and met you all that Poplars was the perfect place.

I cannot thank you enough for making that transition so easy and he has had the best time ever. He has come on so much since he has started and that’s all thanks to all you. We are going to miss you all so much and I wish I could just move you all up north with us.

Parent of Jack

To all the staff at Poplars Blossoms. I cannot thank you all enough for helping to bring up my young lady. You have taught her many things from learning to read; about the world we all live in; to be mindful of others and to enjoy the world of learning. Thank you!

Parent of Bethany

To everyone at Poplars Blossoms. A huge thank you for everything – my daughter has loved every minute with you all and she’s received simply OUTSTANDING care everyday.  Thankyou for your hard work and for teaching her so much!

Parent of Ines

I want to say a huge thanks for helping my son settle down so well. Initially it was hard for him to settle, but it was your hardwork that made him settle gradually. At first he would cry everyday, but I had the confidence that he would calm down and have a great day at nursery. This gave my a huge relief so I could carry on and work peacefully. The staff at the nursery are all so friendly it feels like home. They take very good care and feed him regularly with tasty food from the Chef.

Parent of Sarvesh

We cannot thank you enough for your exceptional care you have given our little boy. We are truly absolutely gutted to be saying goodbye as we are relocating, we will miss you all so much. We are absolutely blown away by how much he has grown in confidence since being at Poplars. You have such a positive impact on him and his development, which we will always be so very grateful for. Before joining Poplars we had a bad experience at another nursery and as a family we were very anxious about him starting.

Needless to say we shouldn’t have been worried at all as you have all been so caring, skilled ad do and amazing job. Thank you so much for giving him such a fantastic start in life. You should all be so proud of the nursery, team and yourselves as you are so dedicated and wonderful. Please forgive us if we don’t say a heartfelt goodbye in person, but there is a high chance of tears if we do and I am sure you are busy enough with the children to be dealing with crying parents.

Parents of Archie

To all of the staff at Poplars Blossoms. Well we cant believe that we are finally at the end of our Poplars experience. For 7 years you’ve all looked after our precious (and a bit crazy) little girls and we can’t thank you enough for the love and care that you’ve shown them. They both absolutely loved coming to nursery and the things you have done with them, with the way you’ve looked after them have definitely helped make them the little superstars that we think they are. It kills me that I can’t give you all big hugs to say thank you so much for everything so I’m afraid this card will have to do instead (Covid restrictions).

Thank you, thank you for all you’ve done – we will all miss you terribly – here’s hoping we see you all in the future. We will of course, as always, recommend you to anyone we can and wish you all and the nursery a very prosperous future. Best wishes.

Parents of Erin and Maya