Baby Daycare at Our Day Nursery

At both Poplars Day Nurseries, we strongly believe that children, especially younger children, feel safer, more secure and well-loved in smaller groups. These create and maintain a calming and comfortable environment that will act as their home-from-home and help them to develop a strong sense of belonging within the nursery.

We consider learning to begin at birth, so we develop and nurture a love of learning in your child from a young age that will stay with them long after they have moved on from Poplars Nursery School or Poplars Blossoms Nursery.

Baby Nursery at Poplars Day Nurseries

At Poplars Day Nurseries, your baby will be in a tranquil, separate area with a small group of no more than 6. This reassures you when leaving your baby for the first time, and allows for more effective communication. This ensures that we can maintain a child-centred approach that allows us to provide the personal attention that will contribute towards your baby’s wellbeing, and help them to develop strong and healthy relationships. We know that this will encourage your child to feel safe and secure with us, helping to develop their natural curiosity so that they learn and develop new skills through our Sensory Approach. By experiencing different textures, sights, sounds, smells and tastes, your child will start to make sense of their surroundings.

  • Unique Sensory Approach that helps babies feel safe, secure and well loved
  • Personal attention that contributes to a baby’s well being and ensures their routine is followed
  • Small groups that help to develop strong and healthy relationships
  • Personalised development books that capture the essence of nursery life and prepares both babies and parents for the next phase of development

Your Baby’s Development

Our staff will always take the time to feed back to you with honesty about your baby’s day and their general development, and will listen to your home observations and your needs or concerns as parents. Your baby’s key worker will create a development book, unique to them, in which they can record their personality and progress during their time with us. It prepares your child for their next phases of development and completes the Early Years Foundation Stage, all through The Poplars Process. This has been found to have had a profound effect on their language, physical focus and social skills. They form strong bonds from a very early age.

For a safe and secure family friendly environment where Child Protection, in line with Ofsted requirements, is held as paramount, Poplars Day Nurseries are here to help. If you are located in Sherwood, Daybrook, Woodthorpe or the surrounding areas and would like to arrange a visit so that you can experience our unique approach to childcare and learning for yourself, simply contact us today at either Poplars Nursery School or Poplars Blossoms Nursery. Our sites are also in close proximity to the City Hospital.

Poplars Nursery School: 0115 971 7559

Poplars Blossoms Nursery: 0115 971 7589